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Welcome to my site here on the grid! If you have been following me on the gram and on my other website seen here, then you know this is my second site and yes both sites are mine and active.

A bit of an introduction, I am a lawyer turned creator of all things DIY. Now to combine all my interests isn’t possible, hence I will be focusing my other site on another niche and this particular site of mine shall be focused only on all my craft DIY projects.

Now, today’s project is close to me as I have just discovered a wonderful author in the form of my cousin. Yep, my cousin is now a budding author, in case you are interested in reading crime thrillers, check him out here on and show some love by leaving a review please.

I am a bibliophile and crime, mystery genres are my passion. I couldn’t resist in making him an open book easel card for the very purpose.

I picked these papers at a great price the last time I went to India through Amazon found here. So there was this London one that I thought would be apt as my cousin is a solicitor in UK (and an author now, lest one forgets 😉 )

I also used the Country Rustic papers found by American crafts for the front panel of the card and part of the easel mechanism of the card.

A tutorial I took inspiration from for the book easel card is by the Positively Papercraft channel on Youtube. I don’t have the frame dies but I made do with another greeting cardstock base and layered white cardstock bases after stamping them and cutting them with a fine wavy edge.

I also created a mini pocket to hold the bookmark embellishment which I thought was apt for an open book easel card.

The I freehand lettered the message using some cursive and taking inspiration from various lettering videos I have been watching the last week. Plus to complete the text I added an itsy bitsy embellishment and another I bought from another crafter who was de-stashing. Unfortunately I can’t recall where she picked those up from. When I do recollect, I will update accordingly.

And that’s it for today folks. I hope to see you all again soon on my little corner of the grid, tally-ho till then!

Keep craftin’,


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